Friday, March 23, 2012


Our house is situated very close to the Luxembourg Airport.
So close, in fact, that we see this quite often:


We’ve always lived close to airports, so we’re used to it. 

The rule here is no flights landing or taking off between 11PM and 6AM.
The Luxembourgish people, they like their quiet.

If you’re a history nerd like me, you’ll like this little story.  Even if you’re not a nerd, you’ll probably still like this little story.  It’s funny.  (In a passive resistance kind of way.)

When the Germans invaded Luxembourg in WWII, the Luxembourgish people were like, “Um, yea.  Since you guys are here and you’re going to build an airport, let us show you the perfect spot…”
And the Germans were like, “YES! Let’s build an airport!  Right here in this spot!”
Then the Luxembourgish people were like, “Tee-hee, giggle-giggle, snicker-snicker.” 
A few months later the Germans were like, “Dude, you guys didn’t tell us that this is the dampest, foggiest spot in all of Luxembourg.  None of our airplanes can take off or land.  What gives?”

(It sort of reminds me of the time in college when one of our friends had almost convinced another friend that she should wear a fanny pack.
”No, it doesn’t look dorky at all.  You should wear it.  You can totally pull it off…”)


Luxembourg has a marathon and half marathon coming up in May.  
I wish I could be in half marathon shape by then.


This one makes my mama heart all proud and smiley.
Hannah got an award at school last week for using good manners.
Don’t you love it when parenting efforts pay off?


We had a couple of really warm days, which called for lunch outside on the patio.
With horse boots and a white unicorn, of course.


This is a typical traffic jam in our neighborhood.


I’ve noticed that Hannah’s hair bows have been disappearing so I picked up some new clips at H&M this week.
Me: What happened to all your bows?
Hannah: Um, I gave some away.
Me: You gave them away? 
Hannah: Yea, the girls in my class really like the ones you make, so I gave some to them.
How can I be upset at that?


An update on THE QUILT:
I measured, cut, sorted, matched and started sewing the blocks together.
Quilting sure requires a lot of math, yo.
And the possible fabric combinations?  Endless.
I hope I’m doing my girl Stephanie proud.


There you have it. 
That’s a little peek into our week via pics from my cell phone.

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  1. She looks so sweet in her boots. And I love the hair clips. Vising from InstaFriday btw. Have a great weekend!

  2. Of course I am proud!!! Yeah!!! Keep up the great work!!!

  3. Lovin' the boots and unicorn! And yay on the quilt! I am always so giddy when I make quilt progress!

  4. I am so proud of the hair bow give away! Ps will you make more for me & my friends? :-)

  5. I love your rendition of how things went down back in WWII. Bwhahahaha.

    I am not the least bit surprised that Hannah got an award for good manners!

    Way to go on the quilt, I can't wait to see the finished product.