Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Hypothetical Situation

Let’s suppose for a minute that it’s a really warm evening in Luxembourg and your husband is working late, so you and your daughter decide to eat dinner outside.

Let’s say that you have one of those doors that locks automatically when closed and that your four year old just pulled it closed.  And your cell phone is in the house.  For visual effect, let’s say that you are wearing Cleveland Browns sweat pants.

Now let’s say - purely hypothetical, of course - that you schlepp your child (who happens to not be wearing shoes) next door and your kind neighbor helps you try to reach your husband.  But you have no luck so you call the landlord and he says that he doesn’t have a spare key to your house but gives you the phone number to a locksmith who happens to live down the street.  

Let’s say that you call the locksmith and a woman answers the phone and tells you in broken English that she is not interested and hangs up on you.  It this situation, it would be a very good thing to have a nice, multi-lingual next door neighbor who not only invites you in, but makes chocolate milk for your daughter and announces that she is going to drive to the locksmith’s house.

Let’s say that your neighbor returns in ten minutes to say that the woman who answered the phone sends her apologies for hanging up on you and that the locksmith is on his way. Oh, and that she is going to stay with you when he arrives because you’ll need her to translate, but mostly because when she got to his house, she noticed that he smelled a bit like alcohol.  Fantastic.

Now let’s say that more than an hour has passed and your husband still hasn’t called you back because it’s likely he hasn’t received your message due to shifty cell phone service.  So the locksmith arrives at your house and gets his tools out of his car.  He might then rifle through a bag of drill bits, hold his power drill high up above his head, rev it up and exclaim something in German. 

Before you let him take the power drill to your back door (and charge you to do so) let’s say that you happen to peek in the window and see that your husband has arrived home. 

He has just saved the day.
And a lot of money.

Hypothetically speaking, of course.


  1. HA! Wow, what a "hypothetical" situation! Good thing it wasn't real. ;)

  2. Hypothetically speaking, the reader of this post just may be cracking up.

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  4. hahaha!! That was a very enjoyable hypothetical story!!!