Friday, December 23, 2011

Building and Constructing

Hannah and I spent the better part of a day building and constructing.
First up: a gingerbread house.
I iced, she candied.




We left the gingerbread house out on the kitchen counter, front and center, so that Shawn would see it as soon as he got to my parents’ house late Thursday night.

”The decorations look great, but it might not be structurally, umm, sound.”
Oh, you mean those gaping holes between the house and roof?
Maybe we could fill them in with icing.
I guess it’s a good thing I don’t build houses for a living.
An engineer I am not.


This little girl didn’t seem to mind.


When Santa paid us a little visit last Sunday, he brought Hannah her very first set of Legos. 
I might not be able to build a gingerbread house with structural integrity.
But Legos? 
Don’t worry, Hannah.
Mama’s got this one.

We started out building a little pink car.


Then a tiny cottage, complete with an opening and closing door and window.


Then we got really ambitious. 


No gaping holes here.
I’m not sure who had more fun - Hannah or me.

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  1. I love legos too. Unfortunately, a little boy with fine motor skill delays does not. So sad.

    Last year our gingerbread house was built the exact same way. :)