Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Little Bit of Nothing, A Lot of Love and Logic

This week has been full of recovering from our mini vacay, downloading and organizing photos and spring cleaning.  I’m on a serious spring cleaning kick, yo.  There’s nothing like the smell of Murphy’s Oil Soap and having windows open.  Well, the windows won’t be open for a while, but the Murphy’s Oil Soap?  It’s like comfort food in the form of cleanliness.  And to me, cleanliness is next to Godliness.

I started with our closet, master bath and linen closet.  Every year, I set my hot pink and black Caboodles in the “get rid of” pile, but every year, I end up putting it back into the closet.  I’ve had it since grade school, so I guess it’s vintage.  And I can’t part with it. 

Before we went on our little trip, I pulled out some of Hannah’s clothes from last summer and surprisingly, a lot of her 2T clothing still fits.  I’m happy that we’ll get some more wear out of them.  She’s such a peanut.

We also wrapped up our swimming class this week, and signed up for the next one.  Hannah has graduated from an Inia to a Perch.  She got a certificate and everything.  I’m so proud.  But I still don’t know what an Inia is.

Shawn’s mom gave Hannah a tiny turtle figurine.  I asked her what we should call him.
“You have two choices.  You can call him Weensy because he’s so small or you can call him Bummer.”

“Why Bummer?”

“Cuz you like that name.  You always say, ‘What a bummer!’ ”

Clearly, we’re both catching on to the Parenting with Love and Logic techniques.


  1. That is adorable! Bummer, huh?
    and the post below!?!? You got to meet Julie! I am WAY jealous!!

  2. The Caboodle! How do today's teenagers get along without those?