Friday, October 22, 2010

Crafting with Kids: A Fall Project

I love fall.  I especially love fall in my neighborhood.  This is what I see when I drive down my street in October. 
A few weeks ago, a friend hipped me to a great website packed with creative ideas of ways to craft, create, cook and spend quality time with your kids.  When I saw the idea for making a fall placemat, I knew this one was right up our alley.
First, we took a long walk down our street and gathered up all the pretty leaves we could fit into our bag.  We talked about how God made each leaf different and beautiful – just like He made us different from each other.
After our bag was filled with red, orange, yellow and brown leaves, we headed home to start our project. 
All you need for this one is clear contact paper.  I already had some on hand, left over from lining the bottom of the cabinet under my kitchen sink.
Cut two pieces of contact paper and peel the backing off.  This part can be tricky because the contact paper wants to roll back up and stick to itself.  Place the leaves onto the sticky side of one of the pieces of contact paper.  This is the fun part!  Hannah was very serious about getting her leaves placed in just the right spot.
When finished, stick the other sheet directly on top.  It’s so simple and a great project for toddlers who tend to lose interest in activities quickly.
You can use this as a placemat or hung in a window as a sun catcher. 
I love how proud Hannah was of her finished project. 
But even more, I love the time we spent together in creating it.

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  1. Beautiful leaves! We don't have leaves like that. :(

    Glad you both enjoyed the project so much.