Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Some More Christmas

We’re still here in the US and had a fantastic Christmas with our families.
You can see pictures of our past Christmases here.



Aunt Traci arrived in town late Christmas Eve and was here to surprise Hannah on Christmas morning.  I’m pretty sure this was the best gift anyone could have given her. 
These two have barely left each other’s side. 
We’ve been cracking up because Hannah has taken to speaking on behalf of Aunt Traci.
”No thanks, me and Aunt Traci aren’t hungry.”
”Me and Aunt Traci just want to play ponies and paint my nails today.”


We spent some time with Shawn’s family at his grandpa’s house. 
If you love antiques and artifacts from practically every time period in US history, well, grandpa’s basement is the place to go.



Last Christmas, we had to unexpectedly miss all the family festivities because Hannah got sick.  This year, we traveled 4,000 miles from the other side of the Atlantic Ocean to be with the people we love most.  Who would have thought?

This next picture makes me smile. 
Because, really.
Jammies, cousins and the juke box in Great Grandpa’s basement.


If that doesn’t make for some mighty fine Christmas memories, I don’t know what does.


  1. I adore Hannah, she has such a sweet spirit.

    I'm so glad y'all got to enjoy Christmas with your family this year. It was a little bit harder to get there for sure, but sounds like it was well worth the effort.

  2. TEAM JACK HANNAH: Should be on the cover of the
    Saturday Evening Post!!!
    I am so proud of both of them--
    We are so blessed~