Friday, December 2, 2011


I’m linking up with Jeannette over at Life Rearranged again to share some sweet and silly moments captured by my cell phone this week.
Here goes.

Under the Eiffel Tower. 
We tried to take a picture looking straight up the center.
I guess we were off a little.


We went to a meet and greet day at Hannah’s school.  
In January she’ll start “Early Years,” (equivalent of preschool in the US) at the International School. 
She’s excited.
So am I.  But how did she get old enough for school already?


After we met her teacher, we toured the classroom and then they let the kids explore and play.  Hannah went straight to the painting. 


Christmas is in full swing here in Luxembourg.
I love it!


Tonight we were going out to dinner and got stuck in some traffic.
See that itty bitty car being lifted off the ground by a crane?  
It was the culprit. 
Someone squeezed their teeny tiny car in SIDEWAYS on the street and parked perpendicular to the other cars, with the back tires up on the sidewalk and the front tires sticking out in the street.
Turns out that the police don’t like that kind of thing here.
They halted traffic, brought in a tow truck with a crane, hooked some straps under the tires and hoisted it out.  018

A parking garage with spaces reserved in front just for the ladies?
Don’t mind if I do.


Come to think of it, the micro car dude would have been better off parking here.

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  1. No way, they brought a crane? That is hilarious and a total waste of taxpayer's money. hahahaha

    So does Hannah's teacher speak English?