Friday, December 9, 2011


Here’s a little peek into our week through the eye of my cell phone.

Hannah and I went to a local mall to drop some of Shawn’s suits off at the dry cleaners.
While we were there, she rode a carousel and pretended to be an elf.


(She was a little too short to take full advantage of the elf cut-out.)

We had a bit of a hard time at the dry cleaners.
In my best French (which is laughable, by the way) I asked the woman at the counter if she spoke English.
She looked me square in the eye, wrinkled her forehead and said, “Nooooo!  Français!”
Fortunately another customer stepped in and asked if she could help translate for me.  She was Portuguese and spoke many languages, including perfect English. 
You could barely detect an accent. 
I wanted to put her in my purse and take her with me everywhere for the next three years.

Another part of the expat process is that we are required to get a physical and a chest     
x-ray by a physician referred to us by my husband’s company.  (Hannah doesn’t have to do this.  She’s too young.)
Well, my appointment was this week. 
The physical turned out to be the doctor asking me a bunch of questions about my medical history that I could have answered over the phone.
Then he asked me for my height and weight.
I had to answer him in pounds, feet and inches.
Because I have no idea how many kilograms and centimeters I am. 
Other than getting out my phone and going to my metric system app, I am just not prepared to do math on the spot like that. 

Anyways, on the way home Hannah and I spotted a castle so we got off the motorway at the next exit and drove through a little town until we found it.
There was a fence so we couldn’t get close.
I guess they were doing some restoration/construction on the inside.
Hannah suggested it was so that Belle and Mrs. Potts couldn’t escape.


This is Lucky.  If you’ve ever been to our house, you’ve probably met him.

He’s Hannah’s absolute, hands-down favorite toy.  
She plays with him every single day.
She brushes his tail and mane and puts ribbons and necklaces on him.
She feeds and waters him daily.
She makes sure that he gets plenty of rest before his races.
(He always wins first place.) 

Today I came downstairs to find Hannah wearing a Santa hat and Lucky wearing a pair of Hannah’s underwear, and one of her socks on each hoof.

What will I do for entertainment when she starts school in January?


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  1. hi there! dropping by from instafriday. fun pics! how many people drive by castles on their way home? what an adventure! :)
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