Friday, October 7, 2011

Sleep Talking

I’ve joked before that if Hannah is awake, she’s probably talking.
Well, I recently learned that if she’s asleep, she probably talking, too. 
You see, I’ve been bunking with her in my sister’s old room for the last two weeks.

(Shawn’s already in Europe so we’re staying with my parents.)

(It takes quite some time to ship the contents of one’s household across the ocean.)

(And there’s no need for us to rush over there to stay in a hotel while he’s at work during the day.)

Anyways.  The sleep talking.
This must be a new thing because I’ve never heard her do it before.
The first night, at about 3AM, I heard her say, “Mommy. Mommy?”
“What, honey?”
Nothing.  Sound asleep.

The second night, it was a bunch of incomprehensible ramblings followed by,
“Thank you, your Majesty.”

A few nights later?
“No, Mommy.  I don’t want my hair brushed.”

At this point, I actually got up and got a piece of paper to write this stuff down.

My favorite, however, was just last night. 
”I’m not very good at French.”

That’s okay, sweetie, because neither are your parents.

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  1. Bwhahahahahaha. The last one cracked me up. And "your Majesty?!" What is that girl watching?

    I am loving the new header and tag line!!!!