Friday, October 21, 2011


This week we shopped for Hannah’s Halloween costume.  
We won’t be here for Halloween, so we went to an early trick-or-treat.
I asked her what she wanted to be.
”Maybe you can sew me a horse costume.”
Possibly.  If my sewing machine weren’t on a boat to Europe.
(Yes, I know that their outlets and voltage are different than ours.
Or maybe it’s amps.  Whatever.  My husband got me some do-dads that will let me plug it in and use it without it bursting into flames.)

Anyways, we did find a horse costume.

But the princess costume won out.  Probably because it lights up.


When I was a kid, my grandparents had cement poured in their driveway.
My sister and I stamped our hands into it while it was still wet.
Hannah got to do the same this week.


We spent some time waiting at the car dealership.
Waiting and waiting. 
I can’t think of anything more boring.
But at least they had this cool kid area.
So only one of us was bored.


We have this little cat.  But it’s kind of like we don’t have a cat because she hides 99% of the time.  Most of my friends don’t believe that we have a cat because they’ve never seen her.

Well, she got lost.
She was gone for almost a month.  That’s a long time for a cat who’s never been outside.
I put flyers in mailboxes and got call after call from neighbors who claimed to have seen her.
I searched and searched the woods near our house, but came up with nothing.
One neighbor suggested I set a humane trap.  He even loaned me one.
Well, I caught a cat.
But it wasn’t mine.
Then I caught a turtle.  And then a possum.
I’ll spare you the details of that. 
I called every animal shelter and vet office in the area.
Two of them said they had a black and white cat brought in recently.
She wasn’t there.
I feared having to tell Hannah that her kitty was gone.  She would have been heartbroken.
All the while, my husband is in Europe.
He was totally entertained by my updates on Operation Bring Kitty Home.  (So was his boss.)
After another few days of cat chasing drama (and some creepiness from a neighbor) I finally found the cat.
She was practically in my backyard.  Like 50 feet away.  It figures.
My aunt helped me lure her out from under my next door neighbor’s shed.
You’ve never seen two grown women cheer and jump up and down over a cat like we did.
I hope no one saw us. 


So, welcome home kitty. 
It was a long month.
For you and me.
But mostly me.

life rearranged

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  1. I love that Hannah got to add her handprints to your grandparent's driveway.

    A light-up princess costume? What could be better than that?!

    The cat story cracks me up, but the best part is that your husband's boss was following the exploits too. Glad you found her in time to go across the world!