Saturday, October 29, 2011

We Made It!

Hannah and I arrived in Luxembourg today. 
Our travels went a little like this:
4 suitcases totaling nearly 200 pounds checked.
1 child car seat checked.
1 carry on bag containing a dozen My Little Ponies and an easy access change of clothes.
Just in case.

Cleveland to Newark to Brussels to Luxembourg.
A shout out from the pilot to the birthday girl.
A fellow passenger whose cough sounded like a dog barking.
And another who rocked out with his Mac audio editor software for seven hours straight.
Compliments from the crew on a well behaved little girl.
(She is a great traveler.)
A tearful, joyful reunion when Shawn picked us up at the airport.

We had one small car sickness incident thanks to winding roads and rolling hills.
Good thing for the easy access change of clothes.

And finally, after five weeks of being apart, our little family is back together again.


So we celebrated at a local Subway.
We ordered our sandwiches in centimeters instead of inches.
We paid in Euros instead of Dollars.
And listened to disco music in French while we ate.

We spent our first night together in Europe at a hotel. 
That’s because my husband is so thoughtful and wanted me to relax.
He thought I wouldn’t be able to in the sea of boxes and disorganization at our house.
He’s right.
But we’ll tackle that tomorrow.
For tonight, I’m just relieved to be here.


  1. YEAH! So excited for you guys! Glad you made it safe and sound!!! Can't wait to hear all about it XOXOXO

  2. How great is Shawn?! Seriously, you have got yourself a keeper for sure.

    Glad y'all made it and that Hannah is such a great traveler. (Of course she is though- she is great at EVERYTHING.) :)

    I'm a little surprised to hear that Subway is over there. But how nice that you could eat something that is familiar and QUICK.

    I look forward to all the adventures!

  3. So glad you had a (mostly) uneventful entry into your new life across the pond. And 'Foursons' said it best about Shawn....he IS thoughtful and a real keeper!

    Happy you arrived safe and sound and I look forward to your next blog entry! Miss you tons and sending lots of love!