Friday, September 26, 2014

Vianden and Cologne

So, like I mentioned before, Shawn’s parents were here in Luxembourg with us, and we did some relaxing, some traveling, and the kids had a great time with their grandparents.

The first place we took them was Vianden, because, well, we take all our visitors to Vianden.
I just don’t feel right about sending anyone back to America without seeing it.



We also took them to The Chocolate House for treats.
I definitely wouldn’t feel right about sending anyone back to America without going to The Chocolate House for chocospoons.

After a few days of rest and recovering from the jet lag, we packed our overnight bags, hired (because in Europe, you don’t rent, you hire) a van and drove to Cologne, Germany.  I’ve never been to Cologne before and it sort of reminded me of Trier, except the big attraction is Der Kölner Dom, instead of Porta Nigra.

They call it the Mount Everest of cathedrals and I learned that it’s Germany’s most visited tourist site.
See why?


It was cold and rainy the first day we were there, but the rest of our visit was beautiful.





We hopped on (and off) the Hop On Hop Off bus all over the city and went to the Schokoladenmuseum, the Chocolate Museum.  I’ll admit, at first I was a little bored but then we got to the part where you get to see actual chocolate being mixed and poured and I was all THIS IS JUST LIKE WILLY WONKA.

I never imagined that I’d be posting pictures of industrial machines on the blog, but it was kind of mesmerizing to watch all the gooey chocolate get poured into molds, stamped, wrapped and dropped into boxes.
It smelled amazing.
Then we got samples.
I know I’ve admitted before that European chocolate isn’t my favorite, but it is growing on me.

Finley slept in his stroller through nearly the entire thing but woke up when we got back on the Hop On Hop Off bus.  He was all smiles.  He has no idea what he just missed.


Shawn had to take a work phone call so while he was on, the rest of us found a beautiful park to take a walk.  This was the best big sister/little brother picture I got.  I’m thinking of using it as our Christmas card photo this year.



We finished the day with dinner at Hofbräu Früh, which, I’ve been told by a Cologne native, is the place you must eat when visiting.

We had a family style platter of sausages, potatoes prepared all kinds of ways and some type of noodles that were covered in butter and cheese. 
Oh, and those big warm pretzels.
And beer.
It was all so very delicious.
And healthy.  I kid.


We said auf weidersehen, tschüs and bis später to Cologne and returned to Luxembourg, where we hung out at home for a few days, unpacked our bags, did some laundry and packed our bags again.

Then we headed off for our next adventure.
To Be Continued…



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