Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The First Day of School. And Grandparents!

Monday was Hannah’s first day of school.  She’s in Year 2, which is the equivalent of first grade in the US.


Finley was happy to help her carry her new lunch box.


These pictures remind me of how badly our grass (and Finn’s hair) need cut.


Shawn took the morning off work to go with us, just as he does every year.



Now that they’re safely on their way home, I can mention that Shawn’s parent have been here with us for the last three weeks and also got to come to school for the first day.


This morning, on the third day of school, they walked Hannah to her classroom and said their goodbyes in the hallway.  Then I drove them back to our house, picked up their luggage and headed to the airport.

After school, Hannah wanted all the details of their flights.  I told her that they flew from Luxembourg to Amsterdam, were currently on their way to Atlanta and would then catch the last flight to Akron.

“Oh, that sounds simple,” she said.
I reminded her what a long day of travel it is.

”Well, they won’t be hauling kids around, so it should be really easy for them.”

I couldn’t agree more.

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