Sunday, February 19, 2012

Patinage Sur Glace

Another Saturday, another family outing in Luxembourg.


The woman at the desk lined our skates up for us.
Shawn and I exchanged smiles and knowing glances when she called them “shoes.”
She was trying as hard to communicate with us in English as we were with her in French.

It was Hannah’s first time on the ice and the first time I’ve been in about twelve years.


They give kids little pingouins so that they have something to hold on to.
I was a little wobbly.  I probably could have used a pingouin of my own.
Shawn is actually pretty good at ice skating.

ice skating2

“It sure is slippery out here,” Hannah said. 
And bumpy, I’ll add.
I don’t think that ice had seen a Zamboni in months.


But a few times around the rink and she started to get the hang of it.



  1. I love that penguin! I learned to ice skate when I was barely walking, but now I am terrible at it.

  2. I can't wait to move next month to Italy for the seasons again. We live in the tropics, and we have wet and dry season. Not much else. Ice skating looks like so much fun (inside or otherwise)!