Sunday, February 12, 2012

On Saturday




One of the best things about Luxembourg is that it’s central to so many things in Europe.
We started out this weekend with plans to take Hannah skiing for her first time…but Shawn had had a busy travel week and decided that maybe tobogganing at a park a little closer to home would be more fun. 

When we got there, the park was closed.
So we regrouped and decided to scrap the winter adventure activities and find a little town to explore.

Because if nothing else, we are flexible.

So we headed to the medieval town of Rodemack, France. 
Known to the locals as les plus beaux villages de France, the most beautiful village in France.

And beaux it is.


Shawn loves visiting old castles.

It doesn’t take much convincing for us girls to go along.
I know I’ll return with lots of cool photos.
And Hannah?  Well, she’s just hoping to see a princess.


This picture cracks me up.
Doesn’t Shawn look so serious about this little village? 
Or like he’s doing an undercover security gig?



We found a narrow little alley that wasn’t even as wide as my arm span.


Shawn: I dare you to climb it.
Me: You’re on.



That’s what we did on Saturday.
What’d you do?

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