Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Few Things

Well, it didn’t start out the greatest, but as the week progressed, things were definitely on the upswing.

Except for this:
Shawn was traveling for work all week and came home Thursday night sicker than a dog.
Really siiiiiick. He had a nasty case of food poisoning that lasted about 14 hours.
Poor guy.
There was nothing I could do to help him, really, other than ask him if he was okay and if he needed anything.  He got an email from the coordinator of the conference where he’d been, saying that quite a few people got sick on their way home. 
He went to work Friday and I think he’s on the mend, although he’s a little sluggish.

As for the car seat issue, it all turned out just fine.
Hannah has a friend in her class at school who is just the sweetest little thing.
She’s British and has the manners and polish of someone who’s about to have tea with the queen herself.  Couple that with her accent and she CRACKS ME UP.
Anyways, I texted her her mom and told her what happened with our car seat and she said that I could borrow theirs.  She’s a godsend.  She brought it over and Hannah and I went out and bought a new car seat so that Shawn and I each have one in our car.  I know, I know. Something we should have done a long time ago.


On February 2 in Luxembourg, there’s a celebration called Liichtmessdag.
Children go door to door carrying colorful lanterns and singing the traditional Liichtmessdag song. 
I did not know about this.
So when our doorbell rang we were surprised to be serenaded and unprepared to be asked for sweets.  Luckily I had a bag of lollipops tucked away in the pantry and they seemed to be excited that they were from America.  A few minutes after they left, the doorbell rang again.  This time it was a lady introducing herself.
”My children said you’re American?  I’m British and my husband is Icelandic and we live just behind you.”
We introduced ourselves and said we’d have tea in the next few weeks.  It turns out she is a teacher at Hannah’s school.  She left and I closed the door.
And realized that I was wearing a plastic badge that says “Medical Staff” and a toy stethoscope around my neck.


Friday after I dropped Hannah off at school, I went to the gym for Spinning.
The instructor (who still used our made up hand gestures) brought out the Latin party mix music and the flashing disco lights.  There was even a black light.  
I felt like I was, how do you say it?  UP IN DA CLUB. 
The only thing missing were my girls.
(We’ve been known to cut a rug at a wedding reception or two.  See?)


(There are so many more pictures just like this one.)

Anyways, there was a group of Brazilian women in the spinning class and once the warm up was over and the tempo picked up, they were whooping, hollering and basically
One even got off of her stationary bike and did a flamenco style dance.
Sister had some energy.

The first thing that came to my mind was: I’ll have what she’s having.

The last five minutes of the class is the cool down. 
Shawn and I used to have a joke that no matter what time of day it was, if you scanned the stations on the radio in your car, you were certain to hear a song by Michael Bolton or Phil Collins. 
Today I refined that joke to no matter where you are in the world, there’s always a Michael Bolton or Phil Collins song playing.
The cool down song?
“When A Man Loves A Woman,” by Michael Bolton.


When I picked Hannah up from school she asked if we could go to a café because she wanted a croissant.  I couldn’t say no, especially since she said “croissant” in French.


And because she’s a great kid.

Friday night we picked up a pizza and stayed home.  
Today we have no real plans, other than just hanging out together. 
We’re laying low because we’ve got a couple of exciting little trips coming up this month.

That’s all I got for now.
Happy weekend!


  1. She's talking in French already? Wow!

    I love that other countries will reach out and offer help to foreigners without hesitation. It makes me wonder if that kind of thing happens here. I venture to guess that it doesn't. At least not as frequently.

    I'm glad things got better for you as the week went on.

  2. I am absolutely loving these stories of your new life in Luxembourg and living vicariously through your international adventures!!! :)