Thursday, March 3, 2011

It’s Sew Basic! Class is in Session!

I’m so excited to team up with Meg over at A Little Knick Knack for our brand new sewing series!  I get emails and comments from lots of ladies who want to sew, wish they knew how to sew, but are not sure where to start.

That’s where we come in.  Meg and I are going to guide you through the basics, help you get comfortable with your sewing machine and show you how to make a super cute pillow case.  It’s so easy that once you start making them, you won’t want to stop!

When we’re finished, not only will you have something to show for your efforts, but you’ll have learned a little about fabric, thread and needle selection, how to operate a sewing machine and some other tidbits along the way.

In the interest of full disclosure, I am not a professional seamstress.  Not even close!  I’m mostly self taught, but have had some wonderful guidance from some pretty fabulously talented women like my grandma and a professor in college, where my work study job was a backstage assistant in the costume shop of the school’s theater.  The first year we were married, my husband bought me a sewing machine for Christmas and I spent that entire winter making curtains for our little apartment.  From there, I’ve been learning by trial and error, online tutorials and making things up as I go.  Some of my techniques are unconventional and I’m very much a visual learner, so I’ll try to be as detailed as possible and include lots of pictures.

Our three week project will begin next Thursday when we’ll start with gathering supplies, an overview of fabrics and instructions on how to cut your pieces.

At our final session, Meg will be hosting a linky party with one It’s Sew Basic participant winning a $50 gift card to CNS!  So, get your machine out and dust ‘er off.  Let your friends know that you’re enrolled in Sew Basic with A Little Knick Knack and Twinkle Toes!



  1. Hmmmm...this sounds good! My mom is a beautiful seamstress but I have never had her sit down and teach me. I may have to join!

  2. I'm so excited for your all's sewing series! I'm a NEWBIE. I'm blog hopping from The Girl Creative’s blog hop and would love for you to check out my blog too. And I'm your newest follower!