Friday, March 18, 2011

Fabric Flower Greeting Cards

I’m kind of a pack rat when it comes to fabric. 
I never throw any scraps away.  Ever.
Which is kind of funny if you know me in real life because I don’t like clutter and I regularly toss stuff that is not
in use or has no sentimental value.
Here’s a way to use up those very last pieces of fabric and turn them into something pretty.


You’ll need:
Scraps of fabric
Blank greeting cards
Metal brads (for scrapbooking)

Cut a lot of circles.
In a variety of sizes.
Cut a lot. A lot. A lot.
Don’t worry if they’re not perfect.

Stack them up in unassuming pattern combinations.  Fray the edges a little if you want.

Fold in half and snip a tiny hole with your scissors.

Place a brad through the center and attach to a card.
If you’re feeling fancy, you can use a jeweled brad.
I wasn’t, so I used a plain one.


Then make a few more because I know you’ve got lots of scraps.  And if you don’t?  Cut up some old flannel pajamas.  Because really, who wouldn’t want to get a card in the mail made from old flannel pajamas?

Write a sweet note on the inside, sign, seal and send it off to a lovely friend who appreciates pretty fabric. 
Or flannel pajamas. 
Whatever the case may be.


  1. this is such a lovely idea! im putting it on my to do list to use up my growing pile of scrap fabric :)

    im having a giveaway if you want to take a peek

  2. Very thrifty Tina! I love everything you make, so it is no surprise (to me) that I love these too.

  3. Your idea is ADORABLE!!! I suddenly want to be your pen pal, Tina! These cards are perfect for a springy love note to friends. Thanks for sharing this! - Julie

  4. Hi Tina! Thanks for visiting my blog. It was nice meeting you at Chik Fil A the other day too!

    Your blog is adorable! I LOVE all the sewing stuff and projects. I am just HORRIBLE at this kind of thing so I def want to visit your site for ideas and how to learn!!! Thanks!!

  5. This is awesome! What a great way to reuse your fabric scraps and have an adorable display to show for it.. Bet they would be really cute on canvas for wall art too! Thanks for sharing with the Pink Hippo party.. and I am your newest follower!

  6. awww, too funny! Well, I am glad I found your blog now because I love it! :) Erin

  7. What a great idea! I never would have thought of adding the flower to a blank card.

  8. Tina, such a cute idea. I love it!

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