Friday, August 20, 2010

Girls Day!

I am married to The International Man of Mystery. 
No, not this one.

In the last two weeks, my husband has been to Switzerland, then on to Russia, back to Switzerland and is finally headed stateside as I type.  Ya know what that means? 

girls day
 There’s nothing better than getting surprises from Daddy when he is traveling.  He sent us this super beautiful bouquet that arrived while we were still in our jammies.  I put them up on the counter and when Hannah saw them, her reaction was priceless.


After we calmed down from the excitement of the flowers, my little baker iced some cinnamon rolls for breakfast.  She insisted on wearing her chef hat for the occasion.


Normally I am up, showered and dressed before Hannah wakes up, but on this particular day I got moving a little late.  So after we ate, I brought her into the bathroom with a few books and her bath toys while I showered.  It cracked me up when she started putting bath toys in the shower with me, telling me, “Here’s some toys for you, Mama.  You play with these.  I’m sharing my toys with you.”  I love the moments when I catch her in action, demonstrating the lessons that I’ve worked so hard at intentionally teaching and modeling.


So, what else did we do while Mr. International was away?

I finished up this little dress for a friend’s baby shower gift.


I started a “Big Sister” shirt for another friend who is due with her second baby this month.  Hannah created some art that was all kinds of fabulous!


Later in the week, we headed off to a park a few towns away for some fun.

We rode on a Ferris Wheel.

ferris wheel

Hannah flew her first airplane. 


And we rode on the Carousel.  One of the best moments of the evening was riding with my grandma, Hannah’s Gigi.  The three of us giggled the entire ride.  Unfortunately, my camera was misbehaving so we didn’t get a good picture of all of us.


And now, 2 weeks worth of girls days are coming to an end. 
So, welcome home, Mr. International Man of Mystery.  We couldn’t be happier to be back to our party of 3.



  1. awwwwwww that is so precious, her sharting her toys with mommie :)

    I bet it is hard on you when your hubs is away, but it looks like the 2 of you are making the most of it :)

  2. I love her chef's hat. A girl canNOT ice a cinnamon roll without one!

    The dress is super cute and looks like colors *she* would like, but PLEASE tell me how much to pay you. (I did just get that check in the mail.)

  3. I am loving the chef's hat! Super cute! Now? You are an amazing mommy to hold the fort down by yourself!