Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Winter in Europe is for…


This was the view at the next stop on our little holiday.
Welcome to the French Alps.
Alpe d’Huez, to be exact.
We traveled up the side of the mountain to 5,843 feet above sea level.
(For reference, our hometown in the US is about 1,200 feet above sea level and we are at about 1,000 feet here in Luxembourg.)

I’m not usually an outdoorsy-winter-activities-kind-of-girl.
Last year at this time I even retired to the car while my family played in the snow.

But not this time.  No, sir.
There was just something about this place that made me not ever want to go back indoors.
So we got ready to hit the slopes…


We got fitted for ski boots…


And Hannah went to her first class. 
These Europeans sure start their kids early.
That little boy in front of her was about half her age and had just come down the slope with a pacifier in his mouth.


I haven’t skied since high school and I really didn’t enjoy it much back then.
But, how things have changed.
This time?  I loved it.  Loved it.
I was worried that I’d look all out of place and American, but then I saw a woman skiing in a full length fur coat and a man in a sombrero and I knew I’d be just fine. 


I told Shawn, “I get it now.  I totally get why people go on ski vacations.”
It was beautiful and quiet and refreshing up there in the mountains.
And it was so warm.  We even took our jackets off and zoomed down the mountain in long sleeve t-shirts.
And the skiing part?  Not difficult or awkward or clumsy like I remembered.  
Shawn’s a good skier and pretty agile on the slopes.
Especially for a guy who’s had six knee surgeries.
(Don’t tell his doc about this, mmkay?)


We picked Hannah up from her class but girlfriend wasn’t ready to take off her skis yet.


So Shawn pulled her over to the beginner hill and we spent the next few hours there.
She rode up the tow line with him and the three of us skied back down together.


He showed her how to snowplow…
(If you’re reading this via email, you may need to click HERE to see the video.)

Who is this girl?
Sometimes I surprise myself.



We spent two days and two nights on the mountain, although we all wished we could have stayed longer.  But it was time to return our equipment and head to the last stop on our trip.

To be continued…

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  1. I have never been snow skiing before but your post makes me want to try it! It looks like so much fun and I am impressed with you and Hannah!