Friday, February 17, 2012


Hey, friends.
Not a whole lot going on here this week. 
As I mentioned earlier, Hannah and I were invited to tea at the home of one of the little girls from her class at school.  As it turns out, the British refer to dinner as tea.
It was a full blown meal – salad, bread, quiche, couscous, and pasta.  Who knew?
Our “American cupcakes” were a big hit and Hannah had a great time with the kids and I talked to the other moms.  Or, mums, I should say.

Shawn was traveling again and he just got home last night.
So after three straight nights of not cooking, I made some fancy tomato soup and grilled cheese.

I know.

It doesn’t sound like much, but when you must select a cheese from ONE MILLION varieties and have to go to a specialty shop to get just the right kind of tomato soup because the European brands just. don’t. taste. right…well, before you know it, it feels like a pretty fancy meal.

Anyways, here’s a little peek into what’s been going on via pictures captured on my celly.

Before Shawn left, we grilled out. 
Okay, grilled out is misleading. 
We actually grilled in our garage.
Shawn and his little assistant went all Boston Market with the rotisserie chicken.


Look who’s in Subway in Luxembourg!  Lady Liberty! 


And look what I found this week. 
(At the specialty shop where I got the tomato soup.)
That’s a cold can of A&W root beer.
Oh, yes sir, it is.
I bought one for me and one for Shawn, but I opened mine as soon as I got in the car.
Even though I love sweet iced tea, it has been ages since I’ve had a drink that sugary.
About fifteen minutes later I felt awful.
I had flashbacks to the three hour glucose test and to every Easter morning as a kid when I ate a ton of candy and then felt miserable at church.


This is one of those things that I’m going to tuck away and bring out at Hannah’s high school graduation party. 
Which will be in, like, 2025. 
I think. 
Anyways, I hope that HAMMAH will think it’s as cute as I do.


This week was “Book Week” at Hannah’s school. 
For the big finale, all the kids dressed up like their favorite book character.
When we were planning her outfit, we had two options: Pinkalicious and a cowgirl.
The cowgirl won.  Was there any question?  I mean really, it was hardly even a contest.
We recycled her Halloween costume from two years ago.

Shawn’s grandma made the fringed vest for him when he was about Hannah’s age.
I have a feeling it would make her day to know that this little cowgirl is wearing it now.

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  1. Well of course she was a cowgirl! What did all the people at school think of her?