Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Il Neige Au Luxembourg

I have a friend who took French in high school.
(Well, I probably have a lot of friends that did.)
But this particular friend only remembers one single phrase.
Il neige.
That means it’s snowing.
So when la niege fell on this Luxembourgish/German/French speaking country,
it totally reminded me of her.
And made me smile.


Then my mind wandered to other family and friends that I miss.



And I got nostalgic for familiarity, normalcy and old routines.



But I quickly pulled myself out of it and back into the right now.


Because I have a feeling that someday I’ll be nostalgic for this moment.



  1. I have been using an old laptop lately and the pictures that pop up on the screensaver are all old. I have been so sad seeing the boys so little and the years that have passed already. I want to turn back time and do it all over again, I feel like I missed it all. But the thing is- I didn't miss it. I was a SAHM for both boys until Nolan was in Kinder. I was with them for every first, every hurt, every laugh, every hug, everything. And I still sit here and miss who they were.

    My point? I know you're missing home and I can't even imagine how much since I have lived within the same 30 mile radius almost my entire life, but enjoy the here and now. One day you will look back on your time as an expat with fondness. Not to mention that sweet Hannah is happy, so you're definitely doing something right. Huge ((hugs)) to you. Hang in there, I am positive it will get better.

  2. I love that Hannah is wearing her "jewels" while playing in the snow! And I love the look of wonder on her face in the 2nd pic....she is adorable and a complete joy. Love that you are recording all of these precious moments so eloquently. It helps us feel connected to you and what is going on in your lives during this adventure you're all having with your LUX experience. So mostly today, I'm just feeling lots of LOVE ~ miss you tons!