Wednesday, September 14, 2011


On the day Hannah was born, as soon as I heard my husband say, “It’s a girl!” this is what I envisioned. 
Tutus and tap shoes.


tap class2

We tried that for a while and she liked it.
She still likes to twirl, boogie and shake.
But dance isn’t her thing.

This is.


Her passion is unwavering.  Her excitement is contagious.
This little girl loves horses and everything
that goes along with them. 

We went to two Mommy & Me riding classes this summer. 
She has a natural way with horses. 
(And other animals, for that matter.)
At the second class, she got to try the reigns and
she handled them like a champ.

My sweet Hannah,
No matter what you pursue or where your interests
and talents lie, I will always be cheering you on.
I’m your biggest fan.

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  1. She may be replacing ballet shoes for boots and tutus for big belt buckles, but she is precious all the same.