Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Still On Planet Earth

Remember when I said that this year’s 4th of July celebration was extra special to our family? 

That’s because it was the last 4th of July that we will spend in America for a couple of years.

Last spring, my husband’s company asked him to take an expat assignment in Europe.  And we said yes. 

So, we’ve got our Passports all revved up and today the movers are here loading up our stuff to ship across the Atlantic to a tiny little country called Luxembourg, which borders France, Belgium and Germany.  

Fortunately, my husband’s company offers French lessons to spouses.
Oui, I’m going to need them.

I broached the subject with Hannah a few months ago.  We haven’t outright told her what is happening because we want to balance reality with the amount of information that her little 3 year old mind and emotions can handle.  She knows that we are going on a big trip, on a big airplane and that we’ll be staying in a different house, but all (and I do mean all) of her toys are going to be there.

”Remember when we went to Texas with Daddy for his work?  Do you want to go on another trip with him?  This time we’ll go to Europe.”
She cupped my face in her little hands, looked me square in the eye and as serious as can be, she said, “Is that on planet Earth?”
I told her that it is.
“Well, okay then.  I’ll go.”

I guess she’s got her limits, that girl.

I plan on recording all of our adventures on this little blog so that our friends and family can keep up with what we are doing. You might not see any sewing or crafting for a while…I’m not sure how much of that I’ll be doing once we get to Europe.  But I can guarantee that we’ll be doing lots of traveling, experiencing as much of the culture as we can soak up, and probably embarrassing ourselves a little… 



  1. I Love You Guys! and Wish you ALL the Best in your New Grand Adventure. Cherish these Times together and when you come home (and I do mean when you come back home...) you will be a Stronger Family. Love, Sherry

  2. Oh, thank you so much for embarrassing yourself for our entertainment! Really though- I am looking forward to reading all about your adventures.

  3. "Is that on planet Earth?" LUV how her little mind works!! We are going to miss tremendously all of her little antics & tricks that make our family smile and LOL on a regular basis!

    Wishing all three of you a marvelous adventure and all we can say is "Thank goodness for Skype!" Love you ~