Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Insta-Friday, I mean Tuesday

I’m totally late for the show this week.
I’m not even sneaking in during the overture. 
I’m basically showing up after the curtain call.

It’s been a busy few weeks.

Shawn and I got to sneak away to the City of Brotherly Love for  a wedding in which he was the best man. 
College friends, two love birds tying the knot and
real Philly cheesesteak sandwiches. 
What could be better?


The plans for the Kate and Pippa’s dresses were once the 
most closely guarded secrets in England. 
And now they are available for less than one dollar. 


The movers were here for three days this week. 
Packing, wrapping, taping and loading. 
My house was in shambles.  
And my nerves kinda were, too. 
Those guys are beasts. 
I had to look away as one carried our dresser down the stairs. 


We have a shipment that will go via air and one
that goes on a big ocean liner across the Atlantic.
This is the one that will go to Luxembourg via air. 
We were given an allotment of 500 pounds. 
Ours totaled 487.  
That’s because my husband is a rock star when it comes to planning and packing for our family.
But for himself?

Shawn: Have you seen our dresser?
Me: Ya mean the one that guy carried down the stairs ON HIS BACK?
Shawn: Yea, that one.
Me: They wrapped it in bubble wrap, cardboard and sealed it with about a mile of tape.  It’s already on the truck.
Shawn: I’m gonna need you to run out and buy me some socks and underwear.  Like today.


Freshly bathed and groomed, Louie and his BFF.


Speaking of Lou, lots of people have asked what
we’ll be doing with him when we move. 
The answer is that he is coming with us!
But not until December. 
Sad face.
He is staying with a good friend until we come home for Christmas.  Then we’ll be taking him back with us. 
Happy face.


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  1. The patterns for Kate and Pippa's dresses crack me up. Now you too can look like royalty!

    I can only imagine the stress of moving across the world. You must feel so out of sorts right now. (Totally laughing at Shawn needing new socks and underwear.)

    When my mom moved across town a FEMALE mover picked up her kitchen table, hoisted it onto her shoulders, and walked down a rickety flight of stairs. We all stared in amazement.