Saturday, May 1, 2010

London Calling!

This guy has been traveling a lot lately.
Shawn  (But not in a tux and boutonniere.)
I mentioned before that Shawn had been away, but what I didn’t mention was that he was in London for what was supposed to be a 5 day trip.  The day that he was to leave to come home, a volcanic eruption in Iceland sent a huge cloud of ash over most of Europe, closing nearly every airport. He called and said that his flight was cancelled, but we figured it would only be for a day or so.   As much as he travels, we are used to delays and flight cancellations.  We didn’t imagine that it would be for 8 days!
If you’re going to be stuck in London, you may as well make the best of it, right?  That’s exactly what Shawn did.  It is not often in his travels that he actually gets to do anything besides work.   He finally got to go on a Jack The Ripper Tour, which he has wanted to do every time he has been to London, but never had the chance.  I know what you're thinking.  Not my cup of tea, either.   
Shawn and I visited London together a few years ago.  And I’m pretty sure I vetoed the Jack the Ripper Tour.
london 1
He started sending me lots of pictures of things we had seen and done when we were there together, along with a text message that said, “On a boat ride down the Thames.  Very romantic.  Just me and my Blackberry.”  He’s funny, no?
He spent the next several days visiting Parliament and Big Ben:
saying goodbye
Hanging out at Picadilly Circus:
And checking out the guards at Buckingham Palace. 
We both agreed that we’d be more likely to take seriously a British guard than a Swiss guard.  See what I mean? 
The following days brought more and more cancelled flights, and more uncertainty as to when he would come home.  Nearly all of Europe’s airports remained closed.  Many people were asking why he didn’t take the train to another city whose airports were opened.  First of all, the trains were booked, and if he did make it to another city, their airports were back logged, so he would have ended up waiting there anyways.  And, since he had a hotel room in London, he did not want to give it up, as rooms were hard to come by.  I sensed that Shawn was getting restless.  This text message and accompanying photo confirmed it:
“Saw this in a store window and thought you would like it.” 
You know your husband is bored when Burberry catches his attention. And he photographs it.
Next was this - a photo of a statue of George Washington that is set on dirt imported from the United States.  The subject of the email:    
“Anything to feel like home.”
anything to feel like home
Even though this doesn’t exactly qualify as one of these, I knew that he was chuckling when he sent me this:

At one point, Shawn’s company had discussed with him the possibility of getting him on a cruise ship to bring him home.  The bad news was that it would be another 9 days until that would happen.  Plus, he only had enough clothes with him for 5 days of business meetings, and quite honestly, I don’t think he was up for the festivities of a cruise ship.  Finally, on the fourteenth day that he had been gone, I received this photo and message:
 “Saying goodbye to London! Confirmed flight for tomorrow!”
And then, this one:
“More amazing than coming home is the size of this can of Coke.           I’ll  need six.”
And finally:
boarding pass “Boarding!”
Once I knew he was en route, I started planning for his arrival:
welcome home (Check out my little helper.)
I told Hannah that we were going to surprise Daddy with the balloons and signs in the yard.  She kept hiding behind the sign and then peaking around and yelling, “Surprise!”
welcome home2 welcome  home 3
Welcome home, Shawn!  We love you!


  1. Aw, what a great post! And I love that he took a picture of Burberry for you. Sounds like a nice, unexpected vacation. I'm sure it would have been much nicer to have you and Hannah there too.

    Enjoy your reunion! *wink wink*

  2. How cute! I would be frantic without my husband for that many days! You are a trooper-mom! I did a study abroad in London and it is still my favorite place of all time. Your husband was lucky to be stranded there (but not without you and your daughter!)

  3. how sweet!! I know you and your helper are glad to have him home! :)

  4. Hey! I forgot...I don't know if you saw this comment on your guest post, but here it is:
    Mandy has left a new comment on your post "Blog Swap with Tina from Twinkle Toes":

    I have been wanting to try elastic thread but am also intimidated - you made it look easy!

    I have a link party on Tuesdays and would love if you would drop by:

  5. That is so darn cute! I bet he was getting restless! It is fun for a bit, but that gets to be long!

  6. Glad you enjoyed London and the Jack The Ripper Tour. Hope you guys come again and check our our tour ;)