Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween 2014

I’ve mentioned before that Halloween isn’t a huge deal in Luxembourg, but the American Women’s Club hosts a Trick-or-Treat event for kids and we had so much fun last year, that we knew we had to go again this year.

I had thought it would be really fun for Hannah to be a bee keeper and Finn a bee, but Hannah wasn’t down with that idea.  There’s a new TKMaxx near us (that’s not a typo – it’s called TKMaxx and it’s just like TJMaxx, only smaller) and we happen to come across the perfect costume.


And then we found this one for Finn.



Finn didn’t really want to carry his trick-or-treat bag.  After the first house, he just wanted to carry the little package of candy around.


My favorite part of his costume:


We found a cute little pumpkin patch a few villages away from ours and picked up some pumpkins for the front porch.  After Finn had gone to bed one night, we let Hannah stay up late to carve hers.

This is how it turned out.


I did the template, Shawn did the carving, but the idea?  That was all Hannah’s.
Because BARBIE. 
It’s her love language.

Happy Halloween!

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