Thursday, July 17, 2014

That Time I Went on a Juice Cleanse

Alternatively titled: I Wanted a Ham Sandwich

So, I did a three day juice cleanse/detox this week.  And no, I’m not going crunchy/hippie on you, it’s just that in the past few months I haven’t been exactly taking care of myself as I should and it was time that I did something about it.  All the French bread and cheese had caught up to me, and let’s not even talk about all the chocolate that I inhaled in Brugge a few weeks ago. 

There’s this new place in Luxembourg that makes organic cold pressed juices and their detox package was on sale so I decided to give it a try. 

Here’s one day’s worth of juice:


I kept a little journal, and here are some highlights.

Day 1: I started with a glass of warm water and a squeeze of lemon, as instructed, to alkinalize (is that even a word?) my body.  The first juice was more of a smoothie made of spinach, romaine, apple, banana and lemon and I felt surprisingly full.  The nutritionist where I got the juices told me that light exercise was best during a detox, so I went on a walk in the woods with some friends.  After, I had my second juice of the day, which, in the end I would say was my favorite: beetroot, apple and celery.  Very refreshing.  Now it was lunchtime and I started to get a headache and feel slightly lightheaded.  I also wanted a ham sandwich.  Instead, I had the third juice: cucumber, pineapple and mint.  I did a few chores around the house and when Finn took a nap, I laid down, too.  I woke up feeling groggy and had a headache, so I texted my sister, who’s done cleanses before and she told me to “pound water.”  This is what I did and it really helped with the headache.  Around 4:00 I had the 4th juice: carrot, apple and ginger.  At 6:00 I drank the fifth one: kale, apple, romaine, cucumber and lemon.  I was surprisingly not hungry at all, but it’s an odd feeling to drink your meals all day long.  I missed crunching and chewing.  Especially on ham sandwiches. Around 8:00 I drank the last juice of the day: almond milk, honey, vanilla, cinnamon, and spring water.  I went to bed full and happy.

Day 2: I started off the same and followed the numbered juices just as I did the first day.  I had on and off headaches, some waves of nausea and lightheadedness and also some muscle aches.  I drank 3 liters of water throughout the day and I was tempted to throw in the towel around dinnertime because I just wanted some real honest to goodness food.  But, I pressed on and after the kids were in bed, I sipped the almond milk and was so full that I couldn’t finish it.  I enjoyed the taste of the juices more on day 2 and noticed that my skin seemed smoother and clearer than normal.

Day 3: I slept fine the night before but woke up with some goop in my eyes, feeling groggy and with a lower back ache.  After a little research, I learned that all of these are signs that your body is sloughing off the junk that’s been building up for lots of years and that the aches mean that your body is cleaning out the toxins in every nook and cranny. I started to perk up after about half of the morning smoothie.  I went into the city to do some shopping and really started to feel good.  By noon, I was feeling full of energy and the headaches were completely gone.  I happily finished day 3 with no problems and even thought of ordering more juices and going for another two days. 

I’ll definitely do a juice cleanse again, maybe after Christmas.  I may even try a 5 day cleanse!
While it was a bit pricey (but eating healthy is always more expensive, isn’t it?) it was worth it.  I felt hydrated, and have gotten rid of a bunch of junk that’s probably been hanging around for a long time.  I’m also not craving sweets like I had been and I feel really energetic.

So, today was my first day post-cleanse and I pretty much stuck to a gentle diet of carrot soup, fruit, salads and lots of water.  I thought I would go hog wild and eat ALL THE JUNK FOOD in my house, but I didn’t.  And not just because I didn’t want to undo all the good that I’d done over the last three days, but I just didn’t have a taste for any of it.

(Not even a ham sandwich.)

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  1. Hmmm...interesting! I have been eating horribly the last few weeks. Tomorrow I'll get on the scale and see what damage I've done. Why does that number hold so much power?!