Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy Birthday, America

We woke up a few minutes early this morning to take some pictures before Hannah went to school.
(I’ve mentioned before that the school calendar here is different than in the US and we’re not done for two more weeks.)

Finn was more interested in the cars driving by and Hannah was excited to get going so she could tell her teacher that today is America’s birthday.




Earlier this week, I filled up my car with gas, or petrol, as it’s called here and I went inside to pay.  I said hello to the cashier and told her I’d also like to purchase a car wash (in French.)
She immediately switched to English so I asked her how she knew that was my native language.
She laughed and told me that I speak French with a strong English accent.
I asked her if she could tell the difference from an American accent from, say, a British or Australian.
What she said next made me giggle.
”I can’t place English accents, but I can usually pick out the Americans because they’re just…so…cool.”

She’s right.
Americans are cool.
And so is America.
Happy Birthday.

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