Friday, April 12, 2013

Sibling Love

Well, here we are.
Almost 4 weeks into being a family of 4.

I love being a mom of 2.
And Hannah loves being a big sister.

Can you tell?


I was worried about how she would react to a newborn in the house.
At 5 1/2, after all, she’s been an only child for a long time.


Turns out, my worry was for nothing.


She sure loves this laid back, easy going guy.
She kisses and dotes on him as much as she can.

I wondered how I would love another child as much as I love my firstborn.
But there’s no finite amount of love to give.


Our hearts are made to expand and mine has done just that.

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  1. Awe, I'm so glad things are going so well! You have a beautiful couple of kiddos and of course Hannah is the PERFECT big sister.