Wednesday, April 17, 2013

One Month

Our sweet Finley is one month old today.
Can you stay this little forever?

I wonder what he dreams about? 
He makes the cutest little squeaks when he sleeps.


He loves his big sister…


He didn’t even seem to mind when she put sunglasses on him and glitter in his hair.


He loves lounging in the tub.


And has started giving us some smiles.
This onsie, or baby vest, as they call them here is totally appropriate.
We had Finn’s one month check-up yesterday and homeboy weighs 11 pounds and 2 ounces.
(As an aside, this baby vest totally confused a German woman today.  Little?  Big?  Well, which is it?)
(I can’t wait until he wears the one that says CHICKS DIG ME.  If that doesn’t confuse the non-native English speakers I don’t know what will.)


Besides a couple of newborn bedtime shenanigans, he’s been a great sleeper so far.
Fingers crossed that this lasts.

So, what else has he been up to over the last month?
Well, at 2 weeks I put real clothes on (aka NOT YOGA PANTS) and we took him for his first trip into Luxembourg City.



And at 4 weeks, he saw his first (of many, I’m sure) European castles.
(Sorry, Finn.  Your parents are nerds.)


Clearly he wasn’t all that impressed with Vianden Castle.
He was all I’m so over this.


He loves his daddy!
(And his daddy is pretty crazy about him, too.)


And I can’t get enough of his itty bitty baby tootsies.


Seriously.  I tickle them every single day. 
I can’t stop.


This guy is the perfect addition to our family and we love him so much!

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