Friday, September 14, 2012

Burg Eltz, An On The Whim Day Trip

Today was rather typical for Luxembourg – chilly and cloudy.
We had planned to drive to Shawn’s work to meet him for lunch, but he was called into a meeting and we had to cancel.

My aunt had sent me a link to information about a castle, Burg Eltz, just across the border in Germany.  “This is nearby,” she said, “It’s Rick’s fave castle!”

Rick being Rick Steves, one of our fave European travel gurus. 
(We have several of his books and he’s never steered us wrong.)

So on a whim, we packed a picnic lunch and headed 157 kilometers, or 97 miles into the heart of the Rhineland. 

Then we took a short but twisty and wobbly shuttle to the castle entrance.


(She is over the moon happy to have her grandparents visiting us in Luxembourg.)


We bought our tickets and waited with another American couple in a café for the English tour to begin, as instructed by the ticket salesman.   After some time had passed and there was no English speaking tour guide in sight, I entered the castle and asked the frau at the desk when the tour would begin.

”Die Englisch? You must go to zee office and ring zee bell and ask for zee Englisch tour,” she told me.

Right.  Why didn’t I think to ring zee bell and ask for zee Englisch tour?

In the meantime, this little girl made friends with a German woman and her dogs.
Sometimes her extroverted, lack of hesitation to talk to anyone scares me.


No pictures were allowed inside the castle, but let me tell you, it was stunning.
Rick, I know why Burg Eltz (pronounced Boorg Eltz) is your fave.

And on the way out?


Because someone has to make the Germans laugh.

(She’s gonna thank me for this someday.)

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