Monday, April 30, 2012

Our Weekend

On Saturday, it was beautiful and sunny in Luxembourg, so we headed into the city center to see what was going on. It was hoppin’.


There’s a famous landmark that we hadn’t visited yet – Gëlle Fra, which means “Golden Lady” in Luxembourgish.  It’s a remembrance for Luxembourgers who fought with the Allies in WW1.  During WW2, the Germans dismantled the monument, but it was later restored.




Next we stopped by the Grand Ducal Palace and Hannah got to see a royal guard.
This was as close as she’d get.
(I don’t blame her.  Those guys mean business.)


From there, we wandered around a bit more.



And ate fresh, homemade pasta for dinner.


Sunday was another unseasonably warm day, so we took advantage of it.
After church, we ate lunch, took little naps and then went to a trail on the edge of a river in a cute little town called Hamm. (Pronounced Hahm.)
We walked and Hannah rode her scooter.
Louie even came along. 
Do you see that bearded collie in the background?
She totally had her eye on him.
But he pretended not to notice.



I think it’s because he’s smitten with someone else.


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  1. I love the picture of Hannah on the bench with Louie next to her. It looks like it belongs on the cover of a DVD for a movie.

    Fresh pasta? Food here must taste so horrible to you after getting to eat that yummy goodness over there.