Friday, November 18, 2011


This week has been full of more learning and adapting.

Yesterday, Hannah and I went to a brunch with other wives from my husband’s company.
Some have been here in Lux for years, some for a few weeks like us.
It’s nice to talk to people who have been where we are and know what it’s like.

Because this expat thing, it ain’t easy.

Then we went to a grocery store.
Because that’s what we do.  We try out grocery stores.

I was glad that Hannah asked to ride in the cart because there were so many people.
This was the biggest cheese counter I’ve ever seen.
There had to be over 100 varieties.


On the way home, we got stopped at railroad tracks for a passing train.
Hannah was excited and wanted me to take a picture.
We sat there for about 6 minutes, which is kind of a long time to anticipate a train.
But it gave me time to translate that sign.
A train can hide other one from it.  Ah, got it. 
There can be two trains but I might only be able to see one. 
I’m getting better at translating the translations.
Finally we heard a whistle and I got the camera ready.
This is what I got.


It whizzed by us before the picture even snapped.
I laughed out loud because it was the smallest train I’ve ever seen.
“Mom, I don’t think that was a train.  It was a bus.”

Our lights got installed today.
I totally studied up before the electrician got here.


I translated to French the words and phrases I thought I’d need.
Please come in. Lights. Ceiling. Extra bulb. Would you like a beverage?

I wrote them all down.

The electrician spoke a bit of English so I did my best with my little French cheat sheet.
After he’d been here for about 30 minutes, he said, “Frau, I am German.”

I’ve had to be a little industrious because there are some things that you can’t buy here in Lux.  Like chicken broth.
So I planned to make my own.
Then I found out that you can, as of very recent, buy it in the store.
You just have to look for it.  IN THE MAYONNAISE AISLE.
Right.  Found it.  014It comes in small glass jars and I could make a lot of it for way less than buying it.
So I did.


And now a fresh stash of broth is waiting to be put in next week’s Thanksgiving stuffing.

life rearranged


  1. Love the posts, keep them coming!!! What kinds of things do you miss from the US?

  2. The train cracked me up. And Hannah's bus comment- bwhahahahahaha.

    Yay for lights!!! :D