Sunday, November 13, 2011

Random-y Randomness

Cooking and freezing was the order of the day at our house on Friday.
Which is funny because our freezer is approximately the size of two shoe boxes stacked on top of one another.  See?


We’ve got the important things: Haagen Dazs, a few boo-boo bunnies and the tiniest little ice cube tray you’ve ever seen.  It makes ice cubes for mice, I think.
Oh, and there's also a box of Hello Kitty popsicles that were purchased in a moment of weakness.
But no one will eat them. 
They have an odd, almost floral flavor about them.
Have you ever wondered what perfume tastes like?
Try Hello Kitty popsicles to find out.

Anyways, the freezing. Partly due to excess.
And partly due to a bit of proactiveness.
Hannah wanted to bake cupcakes and I said yes.
At home in the US, this is a quick activity.
Here in Luxembourg, shopping for the ingredients alone is an all afternoon event for me, what with all the translating and such.



At the end, we had a lot of leftover buttercream icing.
So we froze it for future use. 

We also made a big batch of homemade spaghetti sauce. 
For nights when thawing sauce and boiling pasta noodles seems better than actually cooking.
It simmered for six hours and my, oh my did it smell good.



I filled three bags like this.
And that just about maxes out my freezer space.

In other non-cooking/freezing news, I got my little craft/sewing nook all set up on Friday. 
I brought my sewing/embroidery machine and a couple of other craft items from home.
But I really kept it to a minimum because I wasn't sure how much I would actually do.
Now I wish I had brought more of my supplies.
Because when I spend an entire day surrounded by things that are not normal to me, this mama needs a little respite to normal. 



In Luxembourg, when people move out of a house, they take the light fixtures and bulbs with them.  Shawn ordered ours a few weeks ago and they should be installed next Friday.

(This post really is shaping up to be a page turner, isn’t it?)

Until then, I'll be making the most of the daylight and fumbling around in the dark at night.
I kid.
We have lamps.
But it will be nice to have something that looks not quite so dangerous.


We had two days of serious fog here in the Lux.
The kind that reminds you of the old school Scooby Doo episode where Shaggy whips out a butter knife and cuts a piece of the fog.  And then Scooby eats it.  (Weird.)
Anyway, we could barely see the house across the street from us. Which by the way, looks like this on non-foggy days. I just love the exposed brick on the garage.
So rustic and European.


Saturday we went to IKEA to pick up a few things.
When we got home, Shawn said, “I can’t believe you got two phone numbers at IKEA today.”
It’s true.
I made two new friends.  Both in the cafeteria.
The first, Hannah and I ran into while in line for lunch. 
We literally ran into her.  With our cart.  Oops.
I said, “Pardon.  Sorry.”
She responded with, “That’s okay.”
She’s British and lives just minutes from us here in Luxembourg.
You can imagine Shawn’s surprise when he arrived at our designated meeting time and place in the cafeteria and we were eating lunch with our new British friend, her Danish husband and their baby.

The second, we also met in the cafeteria.
This time it was dinner.
(Yes, we were at IKEA that long.)
(And, yes we ate two meals there in one day.  Don’t judge.)

Hannah and I were sitting at a little table and I noticed a woman wearing tall brown boots, black leggings and a mustardish colored peacoat.  I’ve never been fashion forward enough to wear brown and black together, but she was rocking it.
Then I heard her speaking English to her two little girls. 
I struck up a conversation with her (not about the boot/legging combination because that would just be weird) and she told me that she is from the Buckeye State. 
Oh, you guys.
Then it turns out that WE WENT TO THE SAME HIGH SCHOOL for a short time until her family moved. 
And, it gets better.  She is Facebook friends with the gal who used to cut my hair.
And, oh, did we make a scene over that one.
This was followed by a series of shrieks and giggles that only two American girls who’ve met at the IKEA cafeteria in Arlon, Belguim can appreciate.  

I think I’ve used the word cafeteria enough for one post.


Happy Sunday! 


  1. Hey Tina! I haven't read your blog in so long, but was thinking about you and thought I would check it out. You are such a great writer! I lover reading your posts! This one made me tear up a bit! I am so glad God is bringing people into your life like this! So cool! And I am so glad that they get to meet and get to know YOU!! :) Will be praying for you each time I see you post something on facebook. Can't wait to read more about your adventures!! :)

  2. Tina - I'm just geting caught up on your adventure! How amazing! And this just proves the point that great Ohio people are everywhere. So glad you are finding bits of home. Enjoy and we'll all keep reading. xo Jenn