Wednesday, October 28, 2015

8 and 4

Today is Hannah's 8th birthday.
It also happens to be the 4 year anniversary of the day we boarded a plane, crossed the Atlantic and began our life in Luxembourg.

Today, my little girl has lived exactly half of her life in America and half in Europe.  In the expat world, we call that a "third culture kid."

We started her birthday weekend with brunch at one of our new favorite places.

Superman joined us, too.

Next we headed to Germany for an afternoon of sugar and overstimulation in the form of lights, sirens and indoor, inflatable climbing structures.

Oh, and friends.  So many good friends.

We sang "Happy Birthday" and Hannah blew out the flame on the "8" candle, but not before pausing to make a wish.  Her friends then erupted into a verse that went like this:

"What's your boyfriend's first name?  What's your boyfriend's first name?  What's your boyfriend's first naaaaaaaammmmeee?  What's your boyfriend's first name?"

"I don't have a boyfriend!" she shouted and nine little girls collapsed into a fit of giggles.
It may have been my favorite part of the entire day.

Our guests and their parents ate cupcakes from Kathy's Cupcakery.  If you're in Luxembourg and haven't tried Kathy's Saturday brunch or cupcakes, well, you are sorely missing out.

We celebrated big over the weekend because on Monday, Shawn left for the US for the next two weeks.  His travel schedule has been so heavy lately; two weeks in Luxembourg, two weeks in the US, two weeks in Luxembourg.  This transatlantic back and forth started in September and will continue, as far as we know, until Christmas.

Last night we drove to the service station at the Lux/Germany border to get Dunkin' Donuts to take to Hannah's class today.
Because AMERICA.
And since we won't all be together as a family on the day of her actual birthday, she requested a special dinner at El Campanero in the centre ville, which is exactly what I picked for my birthday dinner just a few weeks ago.

Like mother, like daughter.
What can I say? Mexican food is our love language.

Photo Credit: Biz Brent Photography

Happy, happy birthday to our sweet, giggly, smart and adventurous girl.
You are so precious to us.
Here's to many, many more.

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  1. Happy Belated Birthday to Hannah! I can't believe she's 8 and I really can't believe you've been over there for 4 years. What the what?! Will you ever return?