Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Happy Birthday, Finley

Monday night, we tucked a one year old into bed for the last time.

Because yesterday Finley turned two!


I can’t believe it’s already been two years since this guy was born.  He was the sweetest, easiest baby, and he’s growing into a silly, funny, energetic, rough and tumble toddler.


Finley loves Hannah, who he calls “Nah-Nah.”  Everyday when he wakes up from his nap, he starts saying her name because he knows it’s time to go pick her up from school.  He squeals and giggles when he sees her coming out of school and he loves for her to sit and play with him.


There’s not much that Finley won’t eat.  He’s such a good eater and almost always points at his plate and demands more at every meal.  He’s really good with a fork and spoon and prefers a regular cup to a sippy cup. 


He loves to wear shoes and point to body parts and name them.  His vocabulary is building and he’s saying quite a few French words and phrases and I’ve even heard him say a few things in German.  If we ask him, “Tu veux manger?” which means do you want to eat? he always answers, “Oui.”

At his two year doctor appointment, I said something to him in French and the doctor said, “Oh, you should really only speak to him in your language.”

Finley also loves cars, trucks, trains, buses, airplanes and anything with wheels.  He gets excited when we drive past a construction site and could watch bulldozers all day. 


This is pretty typical for us – one kid looking sweetly at the camera, the other being goofy.

This is the face Finley makes when you tell him something he doesn’t like. 
He doesn’t like to be told no and can be difficult to strap into his car seat and stroller.  He wants to walk everywhere.


We had a simple little birthday celebration at home, just the four of us.  We ate dinner, cupcakes, and, because Finn’s birthday is on St. Patrick’s Day, I made these rainbow fruit parfaits:


(Feel free to pin this very difficult dish to your Pinterest boards.)


Happy 2nd birthday, Finley!
We love you so much!

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