Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Sunday Apple Pickin’

I know that I’m behind on posting about the places we went while Shawn’s parents were here, but I just haven’t sorted through all the pictures yet.  More on that later.

Anyway, we had a pretty great weekend.  Friday afternoon the kids and I met some friends at the park and Saturday night I went to a girls night out birthday dinner party for one of my friends.  The food was fantastic and I was the only American there, so some of the jokes and references were lost on me. But someone did ask me about the differences between Virginia and West Virginia, so there’s that.

On Sunday we went to Steinsel, which is a village North of Luxembourg City.  For the last three years, we’ve gone to the Fête aux Pommes, the apple festival. 



Last year, Finn was only 6 months old, so he just observed.  This year, he thought we were there just to play with bulldozers.





We weighed our bag of apples, ate grilled sausages and Shawn bought some Viz, which is a fermented apple cider.  (You can read more about my observations of the Viz making process here.)
Then we called it a day.


And what a great day it was.

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