Thursday, September 18, 2014

18 Months

Finley is 18 months old!


He’s weighing in at 24 pounds and has 13 teeth, with one more that is about to pop through any minute now.  He sleeps from about 7:30pm until 7:30am and takes one afternoon nap. 

Finn’s saying lots of words and making animal sounds.  My favorite is when I put his shoes on him and he says, “There.”  He also gives the sweetest, slobbery kisses ever.
He loves playing with cars, trucks, trains and anything that has wheels.  He’s obsessed, obsessed with motorcycles and could look at, point at and make vrooom noises all day.  He also loves to be outside and is happiest if there’s water, dirt or rocks to play in.  He gets really excited about dogs, cats and bicycles, which he calls, “ikes.” 

Finn loves to eat and eats just about anything.  He wants to use a fork and spoon by himself and is getting better at it, but meal times are really messy.

He doesn’t like diaper changes and being told no.  Getting him into his clothes is still a circus act because he wiggles and tries to run away.  He does, however, love getting his socks and shoes on.  He’ll bring his socks and shoes to us, sit down and hold his little feet up.

Finley loves Hannah and she can always get him to laugh.  If he cries, she hugs him and says, “Oh, honey.”  She’s such a great big sister.


He’s on the go all day long!  One day, at the bottom of the stairs, he pulled the baby gate out of the wall and had gotten to the third step before I realized what was going on.  I put him back on the floor and while I was fixing the baby gate he went into the kitchen, poured the dog’s water bowl out and was rolling in the water. 


But it’s hard to get upset by his shenanigans, because look at that smile and wrinkled up nose.
It does me in every single time.

Happy 18 months, Finn!
You are so loved.

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