Friday, July 18, 2014

The Last Day of School

I know I’ve said it a thousand times, but school’s here are on a different schedule than in the US, so today’s Hannah’s last day of Year 1, which is the US equiv of Kindergarten.
I have to say, I’m a little sad.  She’s loved school this year – her teachers, her friends and her classwork.  I’ve loved getting to know all the other parents.

We received Hannah’s final report in the post this week and she did so well. 
She’s grown and learned and we couldn’t be more proud of her. 


Last week there was a paper airplane challenge at school to benefit The Make A Wish Foundation of Luxembourg so the night before she and Shawn got to work.

”You can help me with this, I presume?” she asked when he came home from work.
”Well, I’m an engineer so I think we can build a pretty good paper airplane,” he winked at her.

Shawn was in charge of design and Hannah got busy making it look nice.

”Make sure it’s symmetrical, Daddy,” she reminded him.

(I have no idea where this vocabulary is coming from.  I’m certain we don’t use the words presume or symmetrical in our house often.)

The next afternoon, she burst through the school gate with a certificate in hand.

I texted Shawn with the good news.
Me: Hannah’s airplane won!
Shawn: Yesssssss.  You see, it pays to have an engineer for a dad.
Me: There were three categories.  Guess which she won?
Shawn: Best design?

Cue the laughter.

Anyway, school’s out at noon today and Shawn will be home from work early.  We’re starting our summer break off properly with a long weekend trip to the beach with friends.


Totally unrelated to school (or paper airplanes) my friend Merrin has just released a CD of children's folksongs called Bluebird.  My kids and I have been listening to it on repeat and we love it!  It’s delightful and Merrin’s voice is like a nightingale.

You can click here to preview or purchase the album on itunes, or if you’re in Luxembourg, you can purchase a CD at Chapter1 on 42 rue Astrid, L-1143.



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  1. Oh how I love your stories about Hannah. She is so cute, funny, AND SMART! I love that her plane won for best decoration, that is AWESOME.