Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Shawn's home after spending the last twelve days in the US for work and I can't tell you how happy the three of us were to see him.
He returned with a suitcase full of gifts and some of our favorite American products that we can't get here.  After a shower and a nap, he was up and ready to go so we headed into what has become my favorite part of Luxembourg City, The Grund.

Shawn carried Finn in the backpack and he kept patting Shawn's back saying, "Aww...Daaa-eee."

We hiked down to the Petrusse Valley Park to see the miniature trains.

Miniature (and not-so-miniature) passengers are welcome to take a ride.

These boys loved the trains.  Can you tell?

We hiked back up out of the Grund, grabbed some sandwiches for dinner (fancy, I know) and headed home.

This Thursday is a national holiday so Shawn's off work and Hannah's off school.  We've got some visitors coming late next week so we're going to spend the day getting ready for them.

And also, Happy Memorial Day, America!  I've said it before and I'll say it again: living abroad has given me a whole different appreciation for my country.  I love and miss so many things about it.

Every week or so, my aunt sends a postcard to Hannah and it doesn't really matter what's on it because she just gets so excited when there's something for her in the mailbox.
Appropriately, this week's postcard was an oversized collage of America's First Ladies up to Hillary Clinton.  
I handed the postcard to Hannah in the backseat.
She studied it for a minute.

"Mom?  Where's Michelle Bama?"

God Bless America.

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  1. I'm impressed that she even knew to look for Mrs. Bama. (Going to steer away from the political rant.) So sweet that Finn kept patting Shawn on the back and so happy to have him home.