Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Last Weekend

Last Saturday marked one year since we said goodbye to my dad.
I think about him and miss him every single day.
I especially miss him when Hannah says something funny or Finn does something cute…I wish he was here to see this.

Saturday Hannah and I ran to the grocery store and on the way home we got behind a pack of cyclists so we took a slightly different route.  In a full British accent, Hannah said, “I’ve not been here before,” with the been pronounced like bean. 
I want to call him up and tell him just what she said.  I can still hear his laugh.

When we were home at Christmas, I came across this picture and frame in my parents’ house from the day we brought Hannah home from the hospital. 
It’s exactly how I want to remember my dad.


Hannah’s teacher has a little stuffed dog named Hamish who lives in a metal suitcase on her desk at school. Each Friday, a child gets to bring Hamish home for the weekend and on Monday they get to tell the class all about what they did with him.
Last weekend was Hannah’s turn.  We snapped some pictures to email to her teacher and on Sunday night, Hannah wrote up a little recap of Hamish’s weekend.  She noted that Hamish ate some cheese (spelled cheez) and went to the cinema (spelled sinema). 


As far as the rest of the weekend it was a pretty nice one.
Saturday I had a much needed girls night out with my friends here in Luxembourg.

Hannah’s French teacher was at the girls night out (she’s a good friend of my friend who organized the GNO) and it was the first time I’ve ever heard her speak English.  Have you ever been out at a posh place, dressed up in something other than your normal mom uniform of yoga pants and a long sleeved t-shirt and everyone is speaking different languages and drinking out of very fancy glasses and you’re feeling like I CAN TOTALLY HANG WITH THIS CROWD?  Like, I’ve got this international thing down?
This was not one of those times. 
Because as Hannah’s French teacher was leaving she said au revoir to me and leaned in to faire la bise, or cheek kiss, as you do in Europe.
(I should tell you that faire la bise is really awkward for me.  Is the other person going to do one kiss, two, or three?  And should I just press my cheek to theirs and make a kiss sound, or should I actually kiss their cheek? I never know.)
I’m not sure what happened next, but somehow instead of faire la bise, my nose bumped Hannah’s French teacher’s cheek and I ended up kissing her nose.

Clearly, I am very chic.  And so very American.

Shawn and the kids stayed home and from the looks of the house when I returned, they had a smashing time.  Shawn sent me this picture while I was out.


Sunday morning Shawn and Hannah went to church and I stayed home with Finley because when he woke up, both of his eyes were pink, goopy, and slightly crusty.  I suspected pink eye and a trip to the doctor first thing Monday morning confirmed it. 
“Eets not serious,” she told me.  “Just a beet of zee conjunctivitis.”
She wrote me a prescription for some eye drops and even though it was cold, the sun was out so Finn and I walked about 1/2 mile to the pharmacy.  There’s a wonderful English speaking chemist (that’s what they call pharmacists here) near the pediatrician’s office and even though I’ve gotten sorta competent in speaking to her in French, she always gives me instructions in English as well.
She wrote on the box: 1 goutte 3 fois/jour pendant 7 jours.
I told her that I understood and then she held up one finger and said, “One drop in every eye.”
I probably don’t have to tell you how much that tickled me. 
I can only hope that native French speakers find my mistakes just as adorable.

(Especially Hannah’s French teacher.)

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  1. Oh my gosh Tina, I am laughing with you and sad with you at the same time. You are now in the year when you realize that last Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas wasn't with Dad. And it will make you terribly sad. ((Hugs)) to you my friend.