Monday, October 14, 2013

Another Exciting Week for Teeth

Growing teeth is serious business, people.
Look who has two more coming in.  Both of them have actually broken through the gum since I took this picture.  And he’s still smiling.  He’s a champ. 


On top of that, Hannah has lost her second tooth.  It happened at school on Thursday.  When I dropped her off in the morning, it was hanging by a thread.  A THREAD.  When I picked her up in the afternoon, she busted through the school gate, peeled her coat off and gave me the biggest cheesiest smile, pointing at the hole left by her missing front tooth.

She reached into her bag to show me the tooth that had been carefully wrapped in a tissue.

I’m not quite sure what happened exactly, because I never actually saw the tooth but there was a flurry of commotion and before I knew it moms and kids alike were all looking in the grass for the missing tooth.

And then it started to downpour.
So, to recap: Hannah lost a tooth.  Then she lost the lost tooth.  We searched for the lost, lost tooth.  We all got soaked.  The end.

We weren’t able to find the tooth and Hannah had become very worried about how it was going to go down with the tooth fairy and all.  So we went to her dance class and when we got home, she wrote a letter to the tooth fairy explaining the situation.


I don’t know what I love more – fell out as one word, the backwards letter g or that she dotted the i with a heart.

The tooth fairy didn’t disappoint and when Hannah woke the next morning, she found one shiny Euro, a letter saying that the tooth had been found and taken to the tooth fairy castle (good one, Shawn) and a picture of Hannah asleep with the tooth fairy fluttering about her pillow.  Hannah took the letter and the picture to school on Friday to show her class.


There was some confusion, because remember I mentioned that in French speaking countries, there’s a mouse that takes teeth when they fall out?  For some kids in her class, this was the first time they’d ever heard of the tooth fairy. 

“This is exactly what I thought the tooth fairy looked like,” Hannah told us.

I’m going to be really sad when she’s old enough to know the truth.  But until then, I love how excited she is.

Oh, and that letter she wrote?
I’m keeping it forever.

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