Thursday, August 22, 2013

5 Months

Interrupting my regular posts from the road to say that Finley is five months old!

I know I say this every month, but he is such a joy.
He’s so calm and happy.
And apparently, he’s the newest Browns fan.
I hope there’s room in the Dawg Pound for him.


So, what’s he up to these days?
Well, he’s rolling over – from back to front, and once from front to back.
He’s not all that thrilled with being on his stomach, though.  He also tries to scoot around by pushing his feet against the floor.

He has his two bottom teeth and I suspect more are coming because he’s been drooling and chewing and rubbing his tongue over his top gums.

Finley loves to be in his exersaucer.  The first time we put him in it, he got really serious and looked at me like you’re just now telling me about this?  What else are you holding out on?


We don’t have a doctor appointment for a few more weeks, so I’m not sure how much he weighs, but I’d guess he’s getting close to 17 pounds.  He has no trouble filling out his 6 month clothes. 

Finley seems to have a favorite toy.  It’s a little stuffed donkey with a rubbery strawberry that he likes to chew on.  I’m not sure how it got started, but Shawn and I call it Don Quixote.  I have no idea why, because I’m pretty sure that Don Quixote rode a horse and not a donkey. 


Hanging out in his swing with Don Quixote.

Sleeping and feedings are still going really well.  We’re on a nice schedule.  He naps from 9-11 in the mornings, from 1-3/3:30 in the afternoons, and then takes a little cat nap around 5:30 in the evening.  He’s been sleeping from 8PM until around 7AM each night.  If we are home all day, naps go pretty well, but if we’ve been out and about (which is often) sometimes he falls asleep in the car and then it’s hard to get him to go back to sleep once we’re in the house.  The good news is that Finn sleeps 11 straight hours at night consistently, so I can’t complain!

Baths and his big sister are still two of his favorite things.


On his five month birthday, we’re in Corsica, which is an island that is geographically closer to Italy, but owned by France.  Here’s Finley and Shawn under the big, red umbrella.


Happy five months, Finley! 
I think it’s fair to say that we’re smitten with you!

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  1. I can't get over his red hair! He is just so cute and his expression in that first picture is priceless.

    You make me *almost* want another baby, but I'm sure as soon as I hit publish and the little red "x" that I'll get over it. :)