Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Home Bound

I didn’t think we’d be taking Finley to the US so soon, but those helpful folks at the US Embassy and our town’s local administrative office were able to get him a temporary passport and the documentation to return with us to Luxembourg.  (It’s tricky because we are US citizens but have Luxembourg residency.) 

You’re probably thinking I was being sarcastic by describing a government office as helpful, but I wasn’t.  The consulate we met with knew her stuff and got us all the necessary paperwork within a few hours, after we described our situation to her.

Hazzah-hazzah to the US Embassy in Luxembourg.  You served these US citizens well.

And speaking of getting a baby a passport, getting a photo of the baby to go in the passport that meets all the standards and regulations is just as easy as you might imagine.  Now I’m being sarcastic.

But we did it and Finley is proud to say he’s now the holder his very own US Passport.


I’m not afraid to tell you that I am as nervous as all get out about taking such a long flight with a 9 week old baby.  I was so hesitant to book the tickets – Shawn left the decision up to me but he really wanted us to all go together and honestly, at a time like this, we need to be together. 
And I’m so excited for Hannah to get to spend time with her family in the US and for everyone to meet Finley.  We didn’t think we’d be coming home until Christmas, so seeing every now is a bright spot in the reason we’re going home.

I’m probably going to leave my laptop here so I don’t know how much I’ll be online or posting while we’re in the US.  It’s one less thing I’ll have to schlep in my luggage. 

So if you’re at the airport in Brussels, Montreal or Cleveland, you’ll spot us easily. We’ll be the family with a five year old either straggling behind or running full speed ahead; we’ll be lugging an infant, a stroller, carry on bags and a breast pump. 

I apologize in advance to those in line behind us.

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