Saturday, October 27, 2012

Tinkerbelle Halloween Costume

We won’t get to do official Trick-or-Treating here in Luxembourg, but yesterday at Hannah’s school was Halloween dress up.

Earlier in the week I asked her what she wanted to be.
”A horse.  No. Tinkerbelle.  Yea, Tinkerbelle.”

I had recently seen a Tinkerbelle (La Fée Clochette, as the French say)costume at a local toy store.

”Maxi Toys has a Tink costume that comes with a wand and wings and everything,” I told her.

”No.  I don’t want to wear that one.  I want you to sew me a Tink costume.”
I couldn’t say no because I do love handmade things and apparently store bought was unacceptable to her.

Here’s what I came up with:


It was simple, really.  I used a knit fabric that doesn’t fray so that I didn’t have to sew any hems. 
There’s a little fabric shop in Luxembourg and unfortunately the only green they had was this shade.  I asked the woman if there was anything lighter.

”Je voudrais ce tissu en un vert…”
I’d like this fabric in a (pause because I don’t know the word for lighter) green…
”Comme ça,” (like this) and I point to a lighter shade of a different green fabric.

”Ah, plus claire?”
”Oui!  Plus claire!”  There’s the word I was looking for.

Between my limited French and the women’s limited English, we were able to communicate with lots of hand gestures, a measuring tape and a picture of Tinkerbelle on my phone.  I left the store with everything I needed for my little Fée Clochette.

I started out by using Hannah’s bathing suite as a pattern for the top and added some ruffle sleeves.


Then I made the skirt by cutting double the length of her waist measurement and creating encasing for the elastic around the top.  I cut triangles out of the bottom and added a layer of tulle underneath.


Next I made wings by bending wire coat hangers and covering them with a pair of cheap white tights.  Shawn helped me by cutting off the hook part of the hanger and twisting them together.  I covered the piece where they meet with fabric and added straps so they can be worn kind of like a backpack.


Next was the best part.  Hannah and I used some old glitter nail polish that I had in my makeup bag to add sparkle to the wings.


Now all Tink needed was some shoes.  These were really simple to make.  I cut ovals out of fabric and sewed elastic around the edges so that they would gather snugly at the ankle.  Ya know those covers that doctors wear over their shoes with scrubs?  Exactly like that.
Then I added a little puffy ball to the front.


And some dabs of super glue to the bottom for a no-slip grip.


As a final touch, I braided some green ribbon through her hair.



She loved wearing her Tink costume to school and when I picked her up, her hair was disheveled, her wings were on crooked and the tulle from the skirt was bunched up in the back.

”Hey Mom, my teacher liked my costume and I said that my mom will make all new costumes for the dress up corner in our class.”

Great, I’ll be right on that.


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  2. It came out really great! I love that she was so proud that she volunteered you!

  3. You are amazing! Very creative! and such a wonderful mommy :)

  4. I can't believe you made that without a pattern! You are so talented! Hannah looks like the perfect little Tinkerbell and I had to LOL at the fact that she volunteered you to make all the dress-up clothes for her class.