Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Reduce. Reuse. Make It Into a Little Bed.

Unless you count this framed photo collage that I started but haven’t finished in our foyer, I haven’t really done anything crafty or creative since we’ve been in Luxembourg.


(Ignore the radiator.  Houses in Europe don’t have central heating – each room’s temperature is controlled individually by radiators, making for decorative and furniture arranging challenges.)

Anyways, I haven’t done any sewing, either.
When we got here four months ago, Shawn hooked my sewing machine up to a transformer-something-or-other so that it would work with a European electrical outlet.
There it is under the desk.
Not as obtrusive as the radiator, but still not very pretty, is it?

Then I realized that I was missing a piece to my sewing machine.
It must have gotten lost in the move.

I got online and ordered another – it was less than $6.  Score.
But it was on backorder and wouldn’t be shipped for eight weeks.
Oh, and the company I ordered it from is in the US but told me they can’t ship internationally. 
Even when I offered to pay for it.  Boo.
I had it delivered to my parents’ house and they sent it to me.
Thanks, guys!

So, where was I?  Oh, yes.  The crafting.
Today we finished the strawberries that came in this sturdy, wooden box.
It was too nice to throw away or even put in the recycle bin.


So I gave it a good wash, a coat of black spray paint and gathered up some scrap batting and fabric.


I made some little sheets, a tiny pillow and cozy comforter.

And we put it all together to make a bed fit for a horse.


Or a purple bunny.



Or a duck and a purple bunny.


Up next: something pretty to cover that clunky, metal transformer box.


  1. What a cute craft idea! I would say just adjusting to a new country would be enough for a bit without worrying about crafting!!

  2. Laughing about the scandal going on in your home. :) Those are some lucky critters getting a custom four-poster bed.