Monday, January 16, 2012

Light on Words, Heavy on Photos

You guys.
Oh, you guys.

Thank you so much for all the emails, ecards and text messages.
They were all so sweet and much needed.

Please know that we are fine.  I promise.
I hope that my last post didn’t worry you.
We are just experiencing the normal emotions that expats experience. 
But, we are determined not to let a little homesickness stop us from having fun.

We came to travel, and travel we will.

On Saturday, we took a little road trip to Saarburg, Germany.  
Shawn worked a lot of hours last week so it was nice to have an entire day for just us.
Plus it was a great place to practice with the new camera. 
I even ventured out of automatic and into (gulp) manual mode a little.






  1. Just LOOK at that big girl hat and boots!! She's growing by the minute! Lovely shots, T! This looks like a castle ~ nice scenery!

  2. These are fantastic Pictures!!-Meghan