Sunday, August 7, 2011

I Very Well May Never Windex This Mirror

On Saturday mornings, Shawn always gets up with Hannah and lets me sleep in.  Yep, he’s awesome like that.  They usually watch cartoons, drink chocolate milk and build forts out of blankets while I get an extra hour and a half of rest. 

Two Saturdays ago, I had an early appointment, and as I was about to sneak down the stairs, Hannah woke up, tip toed into our room and crawled into my spot in the bed.  I returned a few hours later and asked Shawn what they did when I left.

“Well, I was hoping she’d fall back asleep but she kept running into the bathroom, then back into our room.  Then she would stand on the pillows and run back to the bathroom,” he told me.

Turns out, this is what she was doing. 


My lip gloss + mirror + sweet little kisses = priceless art.
And I’m keeping it forever. 

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