Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Blog Friend Turned Real Life Friend

I’ve had this little blog for just over a year now.  But I’ve been reading other peoples’ blogs for much longer than that.  One of them belongs to a sweet girl from Texas named Julie.

Over the last couple of years, I have gotten to “know” Julie, her husband and her four boys through reading her blog. 
We’ve left comments for each other. 
We’ve emailed. 
We’ve chatted IM style. 
We’re even friends on Facebook.
And now, she’s the first blog friend that I’ve met in real life.

We met up at the San Antonio Riverwalk and I recognized Julie right away.  She welcomed us to her town with hugs and gifts.

tx flag_thumb[4]
Shawn took Hannah back to the hotel for a nap and Julie and I went in search of Mexican food.  We found a cute little place on the river and sat down outside.  Yes, outside.  In March. 
A big treat for us Northern folk. 


I’m not gonna lie. 
I was a little nervous about meeting someone in real life
that I had only known in blogland.

What if she likes me on my blog more than in person?
What if she thinks my blog persona is different than real life? 
What if my hair freaks out in this Texas climate?
(I just never know what it’s gonna do.)

We talked and talked over lunch.  “Now, don’t go all HR on her and ask a ton of exhausting questions,” I kept telling myself. 

me and tina picnik 2_thumb[2]

It was like hanging with a friend I’ve known for a long time, really. 
So we did what girlfriends do.  We ate Mexican, talked about our husbands and kids, and went to the drug store to buy razors because I had forgotten to pack one in my suitcase.  
I didn’t take one picture.  I left that to Julie because she’s got a wildly amazing camera, a lens the size of Texas, and talent to go with it.

Thanks, Julie for the warm welcome, the gifts and the ride back to the hotel!  You are just as funny and adorable in person as on your blog.  You’re my kind of girl!

1 comment:

  1. Awe shucks, thanks Tina.

    For the record- I am so glad you asked all the questions because I am terrible about things like that. I tend to turn every conversation into something about me.

    You are EXACTLY how you portray yourself on your blog. No worries there.

    Whew! So glad you recognized me right away. I was REALLY worried about that one. Hahahaha.

    Thanks for calling me sweet. That is not a word used to describe me very often. :D

    And I am THRILLED you enjoyed your visit to my home state so much. I'm sure you figured out how proud Texans are of their state. It can be obnoxious at times but it confirms my reasons for never venturing far from home for very long.

    (You need to write about all of Hannah's antics while you were traveling. She cracks me up!)